Younger Member Group

To foster professional growth, ethical awareness, and technical competence of the Section's younger members. The group organizes and encourages community outreach, outreach to local engineering colleges and universities, and encourages membership and participation in ASCE and BSCES committees, technical groups and other activities.

• To supplement the activities of the Section in furthering the Society’s objectives, with particular reference to younger members.
• To foster and encourage professionalism among younger members.
• To develop and promote an awareness of engineering professionalism among younger members.
• To support and foster the development of students of civil engineering and graduating college students as they enter the civil engineering profession.
• To provide a training ground for developing future leaders of BSCES, ASCE, and the civil engineering profession as a whole.
• To improve and maintain the good public image of the civil engineering profession.
• To provide a forum for discussion of problems of mutual interest to younger members.
• To foster social fellowship among younger members.
• To promote volunteerism through active participation in the YMG and local community service efforts.
• To organize and conduct the ASCE annual regional Younger Member Council when it is the Section’s turn to host it, and to encourage and assist participation at the conference each year.
• To do all other things incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above named objectives.

Formerly a standing committee, the YMG was established as a Technical Group of the Section on May 17, 1999.