Clemens Herschel Award

The late Clemens Herschel, a former Past President and Honorary Member of the Society, had assigned to the Society in 1921 a number of autographed copies of his book on "Frontinus and the Water Supply of the City of Rome,” with the request that the Board of Government award one or more of these books each year as prizes for papers which have been particularly useful and com¬mendable, and worthy of grateful acknowledgment. In 1931 the Society received a Clemens Herschel bequest amounting to $1000, the income of which is to be used for the same purpose. The prize consists of books, suitably inscribed.

This award is not restricted to BSCES members and is intended to recognize those individuals who have published papers, not necessarily in the BSCES Journal, that have been useful, commendable, and worthy of grateful acknowledgement.  These papers need not to have been presented before the section.


The BSCES Awards Committee requests nominations for this award annually and submits nominees for the BSCES Board of Government's consideration. The Board selects the Clemens Herschel Award recipient who is presented the award during the Annual BSCES Awards Dinner.


Nominations for this award are typically accepted February through May.


Please direct all inquiries to the Awards Committee Chair.


Download the current Call for Nominations